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  • Surf

    Take your surfing to the next level with our help. Surfing is more fun the better you get.

  • Surf Coaching

    Analize your videos and photos to improve and enjoy your daily practice to the fullest.

  • Surf Skate

    Surfskate is the best land practice to improve your surf skills on the water.

  • Footage

    Your surf session and get amazing shots doing what you love.

  • Longboard

    Specific longboard lessons to develop your own style and a good technique.

  • Apnea

    Unlock your maximum breathing potential and gain confidence in the ocean.

  • Surf Trips

    A week of surfing the best waves in the world with like-minded people

  • Extra Services

    We collaborate with trusted brands to provide you with the best options while staying in Santa Teresa

Tiqui Surf Academy is the perfect place for those who really want to take their surf skills to the next level and see quick improvements in their daily surfing. With us, it is not only about learning how to ride a wave, we want you to go through an authentic and transformative process so that you can become a better and more independent surfer.

How we do it?

Tiqui Surf Academy’s teaching methodology is based on the combination of 3 elements that will help you to level up your surfing in the Real Pura Vida Style.

  • bulletPractice in the water
  • bulletVideo analysis
  • bulletImproving your technique with surf skate on land
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surfing wave

We want to help you evolve and have a transformative experience. Our aim is for you to become a more self-aware and independent surfer.


Surf Lesson

Catching waves in the water with an instructor


Surf skate

Land practice to improve your technique in the water



Specific breath training for surfers to make you feel confident in the water



Combines our offerings - perfect for those who want to accelerate their improvement


Surf Trips

A whole week dedicated to surfing, riding the best waves in the world with like-minded people


Extra Services

Essentials from our trusted partners while staying in Santa Teresa


Alina Stetsurina

5 months ago

I had a pack of lessons including surf lessons, video analysis, and surf skating in a skatepark. Before these lessons, I’d been struggling for many months with my pop-up and I couldn’t turn at all. Only after one week I was able to catch long waves and started turning. In two weeks I can choose proper waves for me and pump on a wave. I am impressed by the dedication of the guys in the Tiqui Surf Academy and they all were so helpful and supportive at each step. Thank you so much for this amazing time! Recommend and hope to return.

Monse Buira

3 months ago

With Tiqui Surf Academy I felt for the first time that I made a lot of progression. Tiqui left me with a new sense of love for surfing. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, they are the perfect blend of professional instruction, a positive atmosphere, and a genuine commitment to helping individuals conquer their fears and ride the waves with confidence. Video & photo analysis, breathwork exercises, surf skate classes are some of the tools they give you besides the valuable time you learn with them in the water. I highly recommend this surf school to anyone seeking an unforgettable and transformative surfing experience.

Jenny Huang

6 months ago

Had an amazing time surfing with this school and also saw a lot of improvement! I chose to go with the package of 5 lessons which included surf skate, video analysis and individual coaching. I was able to catch waves I didn’t think I could catch and I also leveled up to a real surfboard. Most importantly, I felt safe throughout the whole process.

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